Creating a Better World of Work

Embracing the new future of work

Today, organisations are dealing with a rapidly changing world and evolving employee needs. At Veldhoen + Company, we join our clients on their journey towards a better world of work, developing new ways of working tailored to their businesses, encouraging teams to connect, individuals to flourish, and organisations to thrive.

We believe businesses and individuals have different needs. This is why we go beyond the latest trends to create custom solutions according to each organisation’s vision and needs. As we shift towards hybrid ways of working, an organisation’s success will be dependent on its ability to integrate the right facilities and resources across its culture, technological tools and the physical environment. With over 30 years of experience helping over 500 organisations around the world redefine the way they work, we have a unique understanding of co-creating successful workplace strategies to help companies prepare for challenges and opportunities in the future of work.

Are you ready to kickstart the journey towards a better world of work?

Client Testimonials

  • "The way we live in this building is the way our customers live in their homes. Because we are an ISP we are actually living how we expect people to be using the technology they are purchasing"

    Vince Hawksworth Trust | CEO
  • "We are satisfied with the approach and working method of the office when it comes to advising about hybrid working/activity-based working. Veldhoen + Company focuses both on the 'hard' and 'soft' aspects of the organisation. Good advice has been given for adjustments to our offices to make hybrid working possible"  

    Marilyn Jongenelen Stedelijk Museum Breda | Business Director
  • "Moving to this new model of Activity Based Working exceeded all our expectations. From day one you could feel the energy of the team working together seamlessly from the second they arrived in the building"

    Karen Boyte Trust Power | Project Executive
  • "Activity Based Working absolutely has enabled us to attract and retain smart people because it creates the image that we are a future focused company, not a company that’s living in the old technology world"

    Vince Hawksworth Trust Power | CEO
  • "This isn’t an open space. This is an activity-based workplace, where people will move every single day according to the task they have. That increases collaboration, corporation, and then, productivity is showing to be at a higher level"

    Hani Aoun MSD - Levant | Human Resources Lead
  • "This new office inspires us to be more creative and innovative. People are more engaged and approachable. The Activity Based Working concept ensures that people are aware of the activity at hand"

    Janine Shahwan MSD - Levant | Digital Lead
  • "The impact has been really tremendous. The Middle Eastern people always had warmth, hospitality, connection between each other. But in the office that we moved into, this has been increased even more. You see a connected workforce. It brings people closer to each other. It takes out the layers between the management team, to the representatives, to the assistants, to the facility workers… It just creates a positive mood to be in the office"

    Okan Isikci MSD - Levant | Managing Director
  • "The leaders in the B2Hub walk the talk and are real role models for Activity Based Working" "Now that I am more mobile and flexible in my work, I have become much more efficient” "There is improved collaboration and team spirit"

    Employee Focus Groups Western Sydney Local Health District | Employees
  • "The collaboration with Veldhoen + Company over the last three years has helped us in building internal capabilities and competences, so we’re able to further roll out this concept ourselves"
    Maurice Verwer PwC Netherlands | Director Facility Management & Business Support,
  • "My belief is that we actually end up with a better community if more people are more effective at their work"

    Peter Maher Macquarie Bank | Former Division Head

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